Steven Salazar recently graduated at San Jose State University on December of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance. Mr. Salazar was originally from the Philippines where he grew up dancing as a leisure activity. Beginning at a young age of eight years old, Mr. Salazar danced in a festival in his school called Holy Child Catholic School in which his team won first place in the competition. A year later, he moved from Philippines to the United States. Mr. Salazar was exposed to and learned the culture of hip hop. He auditioned and joined a local team, participating in competitions such as Showstoppers. Mr. Salazar’s strong passion for hip hop led him to pursue a professional dance career. Moving to San Jose and entering SJSU, he was exposed to the different styles of dance such as modern, specifically Limón technique, in which was his focus in college. He also trains in jazz, ballet and contemporary. In addition, Mr. Salazar has also trained in different forms of dance styles such as Hip Hop, Tango, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, Jive and Tap. He recently finished his training under SJSU Dance Professors such as Heather Cooper, Mark Foehringer, Dominique Lomuljo, Jill Yager, Fred Mathews, Diane Frank and Maria Basile. With hopes for a professional dance career, Mr. Salazar has embraced every opportunity while studying at SJSU. He has performed in many concerts in his school’s Dance Program. Mr Salazar also had opportunities of performing for Dani Galvez, April Shippen, Frankie Mendoza, and many other aspiring choreographer’s piece. Additionally, he was a former performer at California’s Great America for three years starting with as a children’s show performer and eventually performing for the teens and adult summer show. Mr. Salazar has also joined a local hip hop dance team called VIP San Jose in which he competed with in the summer of 2016. Future endeavors include auditioning for Cruise Lines and performing for stage and video performances.