Rhona has been dancing since the age of four at Los Ayres Dance Studio where she studied ballet, jazz, and hula. From a young age, she has always had a passion for not only dance but also music. From singing to passes, she found a love that blended the two: musical theater where as a teen, she sang and danced in productions such as “Hairspray” and “Grease”. In 2015, she attended a jazz and tap master class lead by Julian DeGuzman and Nico DeJesus both who starred in the Broadway musical, Newsies and taught two numbers from that show. At San Jose University, she added modern and tap dance to her training. Rhona’s eclectic dance style is inspired by icons such as the classic Gene Kelly to the modern Lady Gaga.
Although she graduated with an Interior Design degree and has established her career as a designer, Rhona considers performing arts as her number one passion and credits her creativity to dance. Currently, she dances in Ballet Petit’s adult program as well as in Ray of Light Performing Arts contemporary/Lyrical/Jazz, and musical theater programs. Rhona’s Jazz/Tap and Jazz/Funk classes at Ray of Light will teach young dancers rythmic movements of classic and modern styles to encourage self–assurance and self–expression.