All dancers pay a one–time registration fee $20


1 Class per week  $60
2 Class per week  $108
3 Class per week  $138
Unlimited/month $150

Private Classes
1 hour $50
Semi–Private 1 hr. $30/person

Family Discount

20% OFF 1 Class Tuition

Parent and Me (9 mo. – 2 years)

Come join us for 45 minutes of a joyful, exciting class jam packed with music, dance, story time, dress up and more! Creativity and imaginations go wild as we act/dance out a different theme every week. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Children are learning coordination, listening skills, balance, and motor development all while having fun! This class is a beautiful artistic way to bond with your baby.

Tiny Tots (2–4 years)

This 45 minute class is full of creativity and imagination! Basic dance fundamentals and terminology are introduced while singing, dancing and acting out their favorite character each week.

Creative Movement (4–6 years)

This class is designed to build a love for all styles of dance and music. This class will explore movement through music, stimulate student's imagination and promote creativity. It will also give them the understanding of the class room community, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills all while having fun!

Pre Ballet (4–6 years)

This class is an introduction to classical ballet. Children will explore elements of rhythm,locomotor skills, and creative movement. We introduce the children to the first steps and elementary terminology of ballet giving them a strong foundation for years to come.

Ballet 1, 2, 3, Teen, Adult

Ballet is the "backbone" of all dance training. In Ballet, the students will learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility and confidence. We offer Ballet for all ages and abilities.

Jazz/Tap (6–9 years)

This is a combination class including basic rhythm and tap chorography as well as jazz technique and fundamentals.

Jazz Funk/Tap (9–15 years)

This is a combination class that teaches rhythm, coordination, basic tap terminology and choreography as well as jazz technique to funky fun upbeat music.

Musical Theater (All ages)

Students learn to sing, dance and act; a real triple threat! Students participate in theater games and warm ups and learn scenes and songs from the musicals we all know and love! Students build a repertoire of musical theater knowledge to last a lifetime. This class will have the opportunity to audition and perform yearly in a full length musical theater production.

Lyrical (18+)

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern with expressive motions that tell a story. These classes blend the sustained, control movement of ballet with the freedom, power and dynamics of jazz and modern. Students will learn lyrical technique along with freedom of expression and interpretation of music.

Ballet/Lyrical (10-15 years)

This is a combination class that is rooted in ballet. Classical ballet technique is taught and emphasized the first half of class and the second half of class we explore with different "lyrical" movements that bring a blend of modern and jazz. Students will learn the art of story telling through dance and creative expression.

Contemporary (18+)

This class is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz and ballet. In this class we strive to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements set to many different styles of music.

Jazz/hip–hop combo (7–11)

This class is upbeat and fun! Students are learning jazz technique and funky hip hop moves all in one! Students will experience learning both styles of dance all while having fun grooving to their favorite tunes!

Jazz (All ages)

In our jazz classes dancers will learn many fun and trendy dance steps of today with a mix of vintage styles of jazz from the last decades. Jazz emphasizes balance, flexibility, coordination,strength and creative expression. Turns, leaps and combinations will be taught.


Pointe work is a very serious step in ballet training. Students are expected to take 2–3 technique classes per week in order to be considered. Pointe classes will be introduced only to girls who show adequate physical strength,accurate technique and necessary mental awareness for such a challenging endeavor.

Hip–hop (All ages)

Hip hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles. In this class, we introduce you to all of the basic hip hop movement, music and culture. This class is upbeat and fun and will leave your child wanting more!!!

cardio hip–hop (18+)

This is best way to get your cardio in for the day! Just dance! This class offers a mix of old school and new school moves that are fun and easy to pick up! This class challenges the seasoned vet and doesn’t leave a beginner feeling behind! Come shake a tail feather to some groove worthy jams. We promise not to dissapoint!

Praise Dance (18+)

The class aides the student in reclaiming dance for the Kingdom of God. Using foundations from ballet, lyrical and modern dance technique and occasionally branching out to jazz and hip hop styles, this class offers fundamentals to all styles of dance!

Ladies Night (18+)

Calling all firece and fabulous ladies that want to get in touch with their sexy side! Look out J Lo and Beyonce! In this class, the dance combos include a sassy style of jazz and hip hop moves to today's hottest music! This class is sure to ignite the diva in you!

Beginning Gymnastics

This program will introduce your child to the sport of gymnastics. This is a tumble, stretch and strength class. Children will learn basic balance beam skills, acro skills and basic knowledge of a beginning floor routine.

Tap/Jazz Combo (4-6 Years)

This fun class is designed to introduce our Beginning students to tap and jazz dance. Learning some basic tap and jazz skills will allow the students to experience each style of dance while improving their flexibility, sense of rhythm and overall coordination.

Special Needs Hip–Hop

In this fantastic class, students with special needs (kids AND adults) are invited to explore the art of hip hop! We will learn the absolute basics of hip hop and get the dancers moving and grooving. It's an amazing form of empowerment and community!

Tiny Tumbler (Age 4–6)

Tiny Tumbler is a combo class. Students learn basic tumbling skills and creative movement dance all while having fun!

Belly Dancing

Come and learn the fundamentals of bellydance in a supportive and fun environment! We will explore shimmies, body isolations, and basic layering techniques. Class will include a full body warm-up, movement breakdowns, across the floor movement, and finish with a short combination utilizing all of these techniques.

Fun sparkly hip scarves provided!

Movement for Quality of Life

Have you been concerned about unusual aches and pains that are taking away from your quality of life?
Do you have body parts that feel debilitated from lack of use?
Does your over all balance and stability need some improvement?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you!  This class will include:
  • An extensive warmup, using full range of motion for every body part.
  • Light stretching, gentle strength building and finish the last 10 minutes with an easy, full movement dance routine to great music!
  • Styles of dance and music that will change every 2 weeks to help make new brain connections and keep the class interesting! If you miss a class, you will get a fresh start on a new combination within a week.
  • Full sets of barres to hold onto while performing range of motion movements.
  • Sprung floors that is easy on the joints and no slip Marley floors.

2017 Holiday Schedule

Ray of Light Performing Arts will be CLOSED on the following holidays:

  • Labor Day                          September 3–4
  • Thanksgiving                    November 22–26
  • Christmas/New Year       December 22–January 3

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